3 reasons why a skincare routine shouldn’t stop at your face

Let us guess. You have a million skincare products on your bathroom shelf right now for your face but perhaps one (probably expired) moisturiser for your body. If this sounds like you, it’s time to keep reading. 


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The health of our skin is undeniably important for our overall wellbeing but time and time again, people only give love to the skin on their faces.

Often, applying products to your body is left for “when you have time” or “when you need to prep for a spray tan” instead of the sacred daily ritual that we see our serums and eye creams as.

"A humorous skincare meme featuring a personified crusty heel looking enviously at a jar of facial cream, highlighting the importance of taking care of all parts of your body, not just your face, for a healthy and glowing appearance."

If you ask us, we.are.over.it and ready for our bodies to receive the same love you’re giving that Vitamin C you just added to your cart earlier today. Here are 3 reasons why your daily skincare routine shouldn’t stop at your face.

The skin is our body’s largest organ

We have skin on our entire body, not just our faces. In fact, it’s our body’s largest organ! Yes, the skin is a functioning organ that needs care, protection and nurturing to thrive and survive.

The skin on our body experiences similar concerns to that on our face. With the likes of change of season, hormonal imbalances, disruption from sun damage to neglect on the skincare front, the skin on our body can experience dryness, dehydration, breakouts, sensitivity, changes in elasticity, and the list goes on.

Instead of ignoring it, and applying another face mask, it’s time to start treating those concerns and we guarantee you’ll start to see changes in how the skin on your bod looks and feels.


It will make your products work harder

Exfoliation plays an integral role in our skin’s ability to absorb and thrive from the products we put on it.

When we exfoliate, we’re shifting those dead skin cells off the epidermis (the outer layer of our skin) and making way for fresh and renewed ones. This renewal process allows the skin to maintain optimal texture, prevent ingrown hairs, strengthen the skin tissue, and ensure you’re getting the most out of the products that follow.

Deliciously loaded with antioxidants, our Blue Butterfly Polish has been formulated to provide a foolproof solution for body exfoliation. A gentle yet effective exfoliation, our Blue Butterfly Polish is designed to promote skin renewal whilst supporting the likes of body acne, loss of elasticity, irritation, and dehydration.

After a few minutes, your body will feel like a whole new person, ready to enjoy the next step of hydration and nourishment better than ever before.


It doesn’t need to be complicated

When you hear the words “so I know a lot of you have been asking about my skincare routine”, you wait for the 12 steps that follow it but when it comes to your bodycare, it doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, here at Note To Self, we think this is one of our biggest superpowers.

Our bodycare routine has been designed to be a good time, not a long time with just two products to complete your routine. This routine can be completed whilst you’re waiting for serums on your face to absorb or even during that waiting period when applying a treatment mask because who doesn’t love a multitasking moment?

The first step of your new bodycare routine is the Blue Butterfly Polish to exfoliate and renew the skin. In addition to the skin-loving benefits we mentioned previously, this will also kickstart the invigoration of your circulation to tackle long-term skin smoothness and elasticity. 

"Exfoliating body scrub with Butterfly Pea Flower extract, known for its hydrating and nourishing properties, in a vibrant blue color that leaves skin feeling rejuvenated and smooth."

After your exfoliant has been removed, towel dry and apply your second and final step – Reviver Cream. Loaded with skin-firming ingredients including Butterfly Pea Flower, Fingerlime Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter, applying Reviver Cream is day one of firmer skin and a more confident you. This step will simultaneously hydrate and nourish the skin whilst continuing the boost of your circulation.

"Reviver cream in a rich blue hue, featuring a hydrating and firming formula that helps to improve skin elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin looking plump, smooth and radiant."

By the time you’ve finished your bodycare routine, you’ll be wondering why you’ve been putting off getting started for so long! Say farewell to the dozens of products that promise the world and welcome our straightforward, fuss-free approach to bodycare.

Our two-step routine is available for purchase individually or in a range of bundles to suit your needs. Shop here to get started.