At Note to Self, we take pride in providing our customers with the best products that promote healthy and happy skin. We are thrilled to hear positive reviews from our beautiful selfcare sisters who have shared their amazing results after using our hydrating, detoxifying and firming formulas daily. Our products have helped boost their confidence by reducing redness, keratosis pilaris, acne, eczema, stretch marks, and other skin concerns. We believe that the best way to see the benefits of our products is to try them for yourself.




Verified Buyer: "check out these photos girl! The routine has seriously smoothed out the cellulite and dimples on my legs! 🙌 Major game changer. "



Verified Buyer: "Absolutely love note to self, have been using it for a about a month now and man has it done wonders for my skin."


Verified Buyer: "I wanted to let you know that I use your note to skin product and have been for about 7/8 weeks now. Initially a gift to me but I’ve since re-purchased. I broke my leg a year ago and have had multiple surgeries leaving me with a big and angry scar covering half my leg. It’s become an insecurity for me, wearing long dresses/pants/skirts instead of short etc. I’ve trialed many many products in attempt to reduce the redness and thickness but the main issue was finding something that isn’t painful to rub over it as it’s still very sensitive. The polish cream is the first exfoliator I can use on it. Whilst I still feel tingles, it’s not painful. In conjunction with the moisturiser in just months I have genially seen improvement in the redness and strength of my skin where the scar is and as a result I feel less pain when massaging and wearing tight clothing. This the answer to a long mental battle for me. So, thank you. Truly🙏🏼"


Verified Buyer: "I purchased the jet setter bundle in need of a new moisturiser for my pregnancy bump as well as an exfoliator to rid nasty bumps on the back of my neck caused by pregnancy hormones! Both have been a dream to use and the cream has now replaced my prior pregnancy oil as I find the feeling on my skin a lot silkier and less greasy than other products I’ve used while the scrub has complete cleared up any little bumps on my back and neck. Both are now a staple for my nighttime routine and I’m finally feeling like I’ve got my pregnancy glow ✨ Not to mention my partner always comment on how good I smell 💕"


"I used the body polish followed with the hydrating and firming cream on my legs and bum only twice this week and I can ALREADY feel and see the difference! I'm in actual shock!!"


Verified Buyer: "My back hasn’t had any break outs since it all went away so I’m feeling heaps better about it xx it massively influenced my self esteem"


Verified Buyer: "My stretch marks are definitely fading and the cellulite on the back of my legs has smoothed out. I'm in love with these products"


Verified Buyer: "Finally found my booty's BFF! 🍑 The polish kicked this buttne to the curb. Skin's never felt clearer."