If the bright and bold butterflies weren’t enough of a giveaway, butterflies are our thing. The hero ingredient of your note to self skincare, blue butterfly pea flower is an antioxidant like no other. 

This powerfully rich plant has anti-glycation properties and is rich in polyphenols and flavonoids. For the rest of us, this means it’s ultra-protective and fights off harmful free radicals that cause serious damage to the skin. Powerfully calming and soothing, this wonder product not only prevents long-term skin damage but helps minimise the signs of ageing and calm p*%sed off skin such as irritation, itching and redness.   

When you thought this product was too good to be true, the list of benefits just keeps going. Featuring Vitamin A, C and E, Butterfly Pea Flower helps to improve and protect your skin’s barrier, something that’s often damaged by applying waaay too many products on your skin. 

Both our Reviver Cream and Blue Butterfly Polish contain this incredible ingredient and work together to form your new powerhouse 2-step routine. Exfoliating the bad skin vibes away, our Blue Butterfly Polish renews your skin tone, improves skin texture and invigorates your senses. Sealing in all the goodness is our Reviver Cream that deeply nourishes your freshly refined skin to deliver exceptional hydration and the ultimate insta-worthy glow. 




Beyond the vibrant hues and delicate petals lies a tale steeped in tradition. The mystical butterfly pea flower, with its alluring blue allure, paints a rich tapestry across the cultural canvas of South Asia. 

Its roots in history are as deep as the sapphire shades it casts. Revered in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam, the butterfly pea flower is a testament to South Asia's rich culinary and medicinal heritage. For eons, it's been more than just a plant; it's been a symbol, an art form, and a healer..   

Medicinal Magic Wrapped in Petals: Ancient Ayurvedic scriptures have sung praises of this wonder bloom. Envision communities across time harnessing its power to calm the soul, sharpen the mind, and heal the body. From promoting tranquility, combating stress, to enhancing cognitive functions, the butterfly pea flower wears many medicinal hats. Its teas, acting as gentle diuretics, and its antioxidant-rich anthocyanin content, make it a sought-after remedy. 

Culinary: This ethereal bloom has been the secret behind the deep blues and purples that have graced South Asian dishes for centuries. In the heart of Thai cuisine, imagine rice transformed into vivid canvases of blue and desserts that tell stories in shades of purple. And oh, the mesmerising dance of blue turning purple as a touch of lemon meets the butterfly pea tea, an elixir savoured with the sweetness of honey. 

Even today, its charm can be felt in dishes like the Malay nasi kerubu, and beverages such as nam dok anchan. As we revel in its skin-protecting prowess, let's not forget the centuries of trust and tradition it carries, from the heart of South Asia to your skincare routine.